April 2008 archive

New Lauder Tun

Just went to Steinbarts looking for just a bucket I can drill holes in to make a lauder tun.  This type of lauder tun is what Papazian recommends in “The Complete Joy of Home Brewing” (he calls it the zap-a-pap lauder tun.)  All it basically is is a bucket with a thousand holes drilled in …

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A Terrific Compliment

Had a friend and co-worker make this statement about my Oatmeal Stout: Probably some of the best stuff I’ve had in quite a while. I would buy that brand of oatmeal all day long! Seriously, it was right up my alley in so many ways…in fact…do you have enough stored to fill a growler or …

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Batch 10- Flemmish Brown

I purchased two beer kits a while back for making a Belgian style Old Flemmish Brown ale, and got around to brewing it on Sunday.  Made some Belgian candy sugar to add to it, and given that I don’t have a scale yet to measure the amount to put in, I overestimated and put too …

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