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Beer Labels

Here are a few samples of my beer labels, that I now affix to the bottle cap on each beer, thus saving myself a lot of work scraping labels off of beer bottles.  Best idea I’ve ever had!  Put the label on the bottle cap!  Perfect for a guy like me!

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Buckingham Bitter – Batch 15

Sunday my friend (and investor) and I brewed a bitter, after having received 1lb of fuggles and Kent Goldings hops for free (thanks, Erica!) The recipe called for 12oz of crystal malt and 4.5lbs of light malt extract.  We used a touch over a pound of British caramalt and 5lbs of light malt extract. All …

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Probably the Best Presidential Candidate At This Time

Forget the issues!  Let’s vote for the best party!  The B.E.E.R. party!  And Les Vilda! Click here for the story.

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Real American Ale – Batch 14

Last night we brewed batch 14, a Papazian recipe called “Real American Ale” (we meaning my investor and myself.)  It is based off of a british bitter, but with American hops instead.  It is also an all malt extract recipe, so it was real easy to do. 4-1/2 lbs of amber malt extract, 1-1/2 oz …

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Bottled Batch 13

Bottled up the batch of beer I made with the wild hops I received for free.  Sampling it, it had a real mild floral aroma and a light amount of bitterness, which I expected.  The malt finish on it was nice.  It’s going to be a much better beer than I first thought. Final gravity …

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Bottled Batch 12

“The Good Life,” as I am planning on calling it, is now bottled and waiting to carbonate in the bottle.  In a week it will be drinkable.  I had some help tonight bottling it, from some strange sexy woman….  Now, at this stage (in the fermentation bucket) all beer has a strange layer of gunk at …

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Batch 13- The Wild Hops Brew

I got some free hops off of Craigslist, so I thought what better way to test them out than to make a batch of beer! I wanted it to be generic and inexpensive ale so I can really see what these hops characteristics are.  So, I picked up 10 lbs of two row and 1 …

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