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The Health Benefits of Alcohol

Just ran across some articles discussing the health benefits related to moderate alcohol consumption.  So, without further ado, here are the links. Beer Examiner Article Part 1 Beer Examiner Article Part 2 Beer Examiner Article Part 3 Beer Examiner Article Part 4 Cheers!

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Righteous American Bottled – Batch 21

On Monday the 19th  I bottled the Righteous American.  The final gravity turned out to be 1.010.  Initial gravity was 1.048, which gives an alcohol by volume of 4.99%.  With all the hops in this sucker, I’m waiting a good 2 weeks before cracking one open.

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Bombay IPA Bottled, Batch 21 Brewed

Saturday I brewed a remake of the Righteous American, which would be my 21st batch of beer I’ve made.  We wanted to give it some extra kick without spending any additional money, so I added more hops.  Instead of the 1-1/2 oz of Cascades, I used 1oz Cascades and 1/2 oz of Chinook.  30 minutes …

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Batch 20- Bombay IPA

Saturday I brewed my 20th batch of beer, a remake of the Bombay IPA.  This also marks my first year of doing homebrewing (ok, a year and 3 days- sheesh!) Our recipe is modified from Papazian’s “Laughing Heart IPA.” A quick check of my supplies… Book, scale, hose, thermometer, irish moss, gypsum.  Yep! And, the …

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