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Cherries in the Snow- Batch 23

Thursday I brewed a batch of beer from the Papazian recipe “Cherries in the Snow.”  Having 10lbs of cherries laying around sure pays off! The recipe called for 8.5lbs of light liquid malt extract, but instead of buying extra malt extract that I may not use I purchased a bulk 7lb liquid malt extract and …

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Cherry Stout Bottled- Batch 22

On the 15th I bottled up my cherry stout.  Before bottling, I had to use a strainer to remove floating cherry remains.  After transferring it to my bottling bucket, I had close to a gallon of sediment left in my bottling bucket.  Even had some cherry gunk stuck in my auto siphon. Final gravity turned …

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Cherry Stout Brewed- Batch 22

Thursday I brewed another Papazian recipe for Cherry Stout.  I was given 3 gallons of cherries by my sister in law (thanks, Karyn!), but, for some reason, felt the need to pick up a few more.  So, after the stout I will be brewing another Papazian recipe, Cherries in the Snow. Started out with the …

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