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Bottled Weizenbeir- Batch 28

After re-reading my last blog, I realized I omitted some very important notes.  First, I failed to list the initial gravity (1.044), and I also failed to note my accident with the water. Normally, after your wort is finished and in your fermenter, you top it off with water to the mark specified by your …

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Weizenbeir Redux- Batch 28

Redid my Weizenbeir I recently did (since it all got consumed).  This time, instead of just randomly adding corn sugar to it, I added 1/2 lb exactly.  Other than that, brewed identically to my previous batch. Also tasted my IPA, which was a bit premature (not done bottle fermenting).  Not bad.  My guesstimate is the …

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East India IPA- Batch 27 Bottled

I finally had time to bottle my IPA I made two weeks ago.  Let’s just say that my sample of this tasted as good if not better than most commercial IPA’s I’ve tried.  It was darn good. Final gravity turned out to be 1.012, giving me a 7.09% alcohol by volume.  The bitterness from the …

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