February 2010 archive

Lucky Stout Bottled- Batch 36

Finally got around to bottling my Beamish clone.  Bottling 10 gallons of beer is a task, let me tell you.  To make things more difficult, I thought my bottle filler was broke, as it wouldn’t stop pouring.  After a bit I got it working again, but it was still dripping slowly.  Will have to replace …

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A New Pot and A Batch of Stout- Batch 36

My wife got me the best birthday present ever.  She got me a 15 gallon brew pot. This thing is so stinking big I can stick both my boys in it and have room for veggies!  (Note:  I am NOT endorsing cannibalism!  I’ll leave that to the British Navy. 😉  ) So, what do you …

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