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East India IPA- Batch 42

Friday I made a batch of my East India IPA.  I redid the recipe from last time, with only two differences.  As I was getting my ingredients, Steinbarts ran out of the 120L crystal malt.  So, I used 1/4lb of the 120L crystal and 1/4lb 80L crystal.  I also had access to some loose leaf …

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My Beer Batch Numbering Screw-up

As those of you who follow this know, I number each batch of beer I do.  Currently I’m up to batch 40.  Well, after making a little spreadsheet of all the beers I’ve brewed, I realized I screwed up in my numbering. My Lucky Stout I did last year was batch 36.  My next batch …

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Bottled Oatmeal Stout- Batch 40

Bottled the stout tonight after a 2 hour delay, thanks to uncontrollable circumstances.  Final gravity came to 1.020 for an alcohol percent of 5.00% even.  Got 94 12oz bottles and two 22oz bottles out of it.  Should be ready to drink by my party on the 15th.  Looking forward to it.

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