December 2011 archive

Dec 30

Tragor’s Brown Ale- Bottled- Batch 49

Tragor's Brown Ale

Oooh, baby!  Got this thing bottled tonight.  Also got to use my new Christmas present! The top part is called an avvinator.  You fill the bowl up with sanitizing solution, use the pump to spray sanitizer into bottles, then hang them on the bottling tree.  Worked great. So, while the kids were doing the bottles, …

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Dec 27

Tragor’s Brown Ale- Batch 49

Papazian Brown Ale Recipe

Christmas Eve.  That time of year when the kids are getting antsy with anticipation.  A feast is being prepared.  Candy is out.  The tree is lit.  There is a festive warmth to the air.  What better time to brew some beer? Tragor’s Brown Ale, as I am calling this one.  I did have a bit …

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Dec 20

Network and Server Monitoring tools

Been researching this topic recently.  Found a great resource to assist me with finding something to monitor my servers: Numerous tools on this page.  Will begin documenting and testing.  If you have a favorite tool, leave me a comment!

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Dec 10

Why RAID 5 Stops Working

I was tasked a while ago with rebuilding our home made NAS server.  Given my options, I went with a RAID-6 config.  Why?  Here’s why: RAID 6 is the way to go these days.  Minimum.  And thankfully we did, as one of the hard drives went bad within a month.  

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