Batch 62 Bottled- Big Fat Oatmeal Stout

Saturday night I finally got around to bottling my beer. I had help from some of my kids. So, before I could begin I had to clean the kitchen- can’t have an unclean environment when bottling beer!

Bottles got bleached, then sanitized as I didn’t know what could have been in my bottles given how long they’ve been just sitting around.

Once I had my beer transferred to my bottling bucket I took the final gravity.

So, calculating alcohol by volume is pretty easy: Measure the initial gravity before you pitch the yeast, then measure the final gravity after the beer is done fermenting (and before you put the corn sugar in), take the difference, multiply by 105, then multiply that by 1.25 to get your Alcohol by Volume.

So, my final gravity was 1.032, initial gravity was 1.092. So, take the difference (.06), multiply by 105 which gives us 6.3, multiply that by 1.25 and it gives us an alcohol by volume of 7.88%. Not as good as the first time I did this (8.7% that time), so this probably didn’t fully ferment sitting in my basement. Perhaps I’ll find a different spot to ferment it next time.

Greggory helping bottle beer
Angelique putting bottle caps on
Greggory wanted to put the caps on a few bottles

After all was said and done we ended up with 50 bottles. Can’t wait till it’s ready to drink!

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