Real American Ale – Batch 14

Last night we brewed batch 14, a Papazian recipe called “Real American Ale” (we meaning my investor and myself.)  It is based off of a british bitter, but with American hops instead.  It is also an all malt extract recipe, so it was real easy to do.

4-1/2 lbs of amber malt extract, 1-1/2 oz of cascade hops, and 1/2 oz of Willamette hops for aroma.  Nice and simple.

While brewing, we also partook of batch 12, “The Good Life” ale as we have named it.  It was also based off of an English bitter, but I didn’t use the English Fuggles or Goldings, substituting Hallertauer and Willamette instead.    Can’t make beer without drinking beer.  That’s my philosophy.

Once done the initial gravity turned out at around 1.032.  Should be well under 4% alcohol by the time it’s done (my guess would be around 3%.)  Brewing with all extracts is sure easier than grains.

Pitched the yeast a few hours ago, and should be ready to bottle by next weekend.    Just put a bottle of batch 13 in the fridge, “Wild Thing” as we’re calling it.  The next beer to be brewed will be an IPA.  Looking forward to it.

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  1. You come up with some pretty good names for your brews.

  2. Thanks, though most of my beers are named after the original recipies. I do plan on doing some originals down the road, though. The thought of an IPA named “Boom Chicka Boom” was a though we were tossing around. Hope to do that down the road.

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