Buckingham Bitter – Batch 15

Sunday my friend (and investor) and I brewed a bitter, after having received 1lb of fuggles and Kent Goldings hops for free (thanks, Erica!)

The recipe called for 12oz of crystal malt and 4.5lbs of light malt extract.  We used a touch over a pound of British caramalt and 5lbs of light malt extract.

All went well, except for when I went to take the initial gravity.  I was running some experiments with my hydrometer to see if it was working correctly (it was slightly off) when I went to set it down it broke.  I realized after the fact that the glass measurement floaty thingey is more fragile than it appears.

So, no initial gravity or final gravity on this one.  I pitched the yeast yesterday and it has taken off wonderfully.  Looking forward to this one.  We’re naming it Buckingham Bitter.

Also, we came across a revelation as far as beer labelling.  Putting a label on the side of the beer bottle entails way too much work, as you have to remove the label later.  So, at the office supply store I found some 3/4″ round Avery labels that fit perfectly on a bottle cap.  With a little help from Photoshop and Word I have some great labels that clean up easy.  You just throw them away with the cap!

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    • Tracy on October 28, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Your such a lazy butt for putting the label on the cap so you can have less work!

    Just Kidding!

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