My Liberty Brews- Bottling Batch 29 and 30

On Tuesday the  18th my brother in law and I bottled up both batch 29 and 30.  Given that both of these recipes used Liberty hops exclusively, I decided (albeit in a hurry and forgetting the names I had previously come up with) to give both beers names keeping with the spirit of liberty.

Liberty Pale Ale

Liberty Pale Ale

Liberty Hefeweizen

Liberty Hefeweizen

We started the bottling process around 2PM and finished around 4:30PM (of course, cleanup lasted a tad bit longer.)  We started with the pale ale, getting about 54 12 oz bottles and two 22oz bottles out of it.  Final gravity came out to be 1.010, giving an alcohol by volume of 5.25%.

The hefeweizen we got a lot less bottles, 44 12oz bottles and two 22oz bottles.  When we started transferring the hef, I noticed the sediment wasn’t very compact, and there were a few bubbles rising.  Uh, oh.  Looks like it didn’t finish fermenting.  To compensate, I only added 1/2 of my corn sugar I normally would for bottling.  Final gravity came out to 1.016, but given the unfinished state of the fermentation I would guess it would be closer to 1.014.  With the 1.016 figure the alcohol would be 5.8%, with the 1.014 figure it would be 6%.  Either way, it’s stronger than the pale ale.

I’m giving these guys a week and 3 days in the bottle before I start serving them, due to an upcoming get together with some friends on the 29th.  I’m hoping they’re good enough to drink by then, cause I’m drinking them then.

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    • sandy on October 29, 2009 at 8:59 am

    so when are you making T Shirts with that logo on them? I want one. That beer gut is what I call Truth in Advertising!!! No one can say you didn’t warn’em.

  1. Hmm…. t-shirts. I’ll let you know when I do that. It may be a while, as I’m lacking funds for the initial investment at the moment.

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