Bottled Stout and Framboise

Tuesday night I bottled up my oatmeal stout I made.  Let’s just say it starts like a Guiness and finishes with a smoky bitter taste.  I won’t blame anyone if they don’t enjoy it.  I think it will be an OK drink, but not what I was hoping for (my next one will be brewed with a grain bag).


Last night I brewed some Framboos (the name on the extract label), or Framboise as my family calls it.  It is a rasberry Belgian ale.  Very sweet and fruity, and my wife loves it.   So, I had two malt extract kits of the stuff ($9.95 each at the beer store, since they were technically expired.)  Made some Belgian candy sugar, boiled the malt, added the candy sugar, and away we went.  I took a sample of it and let my wife and daughter have a sample as well.  It was very good, it did have some of that fruity bitterness to it that real fruit has, but it was still yummy!  Pitched the yeast this morning, and away we went.

Now, all this brewing, and you think I’d have tons of beer to drink.  Well, not yet.  It takes time to ferment and bottle ferment.  But I did crack open a bottle of my first batch last night, the Old Flemmish Brown, and DANG!  It was good!  I can tell it will be much smoother after it ages a bit, but it was still yummy, and very strong!

My next beer after the Framboise will be a hefeweisen, and then I’ll probably do an IPA.  I absolutely love IPA’s!

There is still time to vote on your favorite brand name for my beer!  So, click the link and give me your opinion!

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    • Tracy on January 18, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I can’t wait to be able to drink it. In 10 weeks when I can drink in small portions. I am so excited!

    • Robert on January 23, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    I voted for “Other” because I thought you should put out “Big Boy Beer”…

    I also really like “Gorley’s Grog”…pretty good actually.

    Maybe “Beer Boy”

    You have to come up with the actual “brewery name” first…then you can have more fun with individual brews…like “Fat Guy Framboise” from “Brewery Name Here”…or “Spare Tire Stout” or “Beer Belly Brown”…etc.

    The brewery name itself, while clever to be memorable, should also be relatively serious so that people take you as a craftsman and not a joker…

    For what it’s worth, you’ve now seen where my “geekery” resides!

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