Liberty Pale Ale bottled- Batch 36

Last night (10/13/2010) I finally got around to bottling my Liberty Pale ale.  I had run out of the regular sanitizer solution I use, so I resorted to a Papazian suggestion:  Using bleach and then rinsing with hot water.  Sampling the beer I was glad to not notice any bleach in it (thanks, Charlie!)  I did notice it wasn’t quite the same as my first batch.  I expected some differences, given I didn’t use the Munich malt, but it seemed…. different.  I will have to wait till it finishes bottle conditioning to really evaluate.

Final gravity came out to 1.012, giving an alcohol by volume of 5.25%.    Should be good still, despite the slight differences between the first batch and this one.

Next beer on the list:  A Belgian dubbel.  Stay tuned!

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