Good Old Weizen- Batch 46

So, Saturday I was brewing with my buddy Rob, originally intending to just hang out and help him brew, but since we had to run to Let’s Brew for supplies I decided to brew a wheat beer.

Rob the Pirate


So brew we did.  We did Rob’s Scottish ale in my big pot and my wheat beer in one of Rob’s small pots.  Given that Rob had specialty grains and all I had was extract, mine finished first.

My recipe:
7lbs liquid wheat malt extract
1lbs dry wheat malt extract
1.5oz Hallertauer hops (bittering)
.5oz Hallertauer hops (10 minute-flavor)
.25 Hallertauer hops (2 min- aroma)
Packet wheat style yeast

Wheat beer

Wheat beer

Rob's Scottish Ale

Rob's Scottish Ale

Once done we cleaned up the beer mess we spilled all over the floor transferring Rob’s beer into the carboy.  Then after some pizza I went home.  Rob reported to me that he pitched my yeast for me, but no hydrometer reading was taken.  Guess I won’t know the alcohol content on this one.

So, will wait till fermentation is done and somehow manage to find the time to bottle this.



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