Weizenbeir-Hefeweizen-Wheat whatever- Batch 52

So, a friend of mine asked me if my blog was up to date.  Yes, I said.  He said you haven’t brewed since April.  Yeah, yeah.  My beer supplies are running low, time for a summer beer.

I brewed my traditional Half-a-weizen on Sunday.  Simple recipe- 7lbs liquid wheat malt extract. Hop schedule I used Hallertauer hops: 1-1/3 oz for full boil, 1/3 oz at 10 minutes left, then 1/3 oz for the last 2 minutes.

I pitched the yeast tonight.  Initial gravity was 1.050.  Can’t wait to drink this.  I want to add some peaches to the next wheat I brew.  Maybe next time.

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