Hefeweizen – Batch 56 Bottled

So, on Saturday 8/10 I bottled my Hefeweizen, which I also call my Witty Weizenbeir.  Final gravity came out to be 1.014, giving me an alcohol percentage of 5.5%.  Not too shabby.

The Hallertauer aroma is wonderful, the beer has a good malt body with a nice show of hop flavor.  Definitely did a good job on it this time.

My Peach Hefeweizen got transferred to secondary with 6 lbs of peach puree.  Fermentation kicked off again on it as well.  I noticed the flavor on this wasn’t as full bodied as the other batch, which accounts for the difference in gravities as well.  My gravity before adding the puree was 1.012.  After the puree was 1.014.  I wondered at first if it should be higher than that, but it is what it is.  Will be a bit before I can get to bottling this one.

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