The Beer Branding Contest

Question Mark

After a round of comments suggesting what to name my beer brand, I thought I’d put it up for a vote.

So, follow the link here to vote on your favorite name for my beer brand.

Go now! Follow the link and vote! Let your voice be heard!

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What to Name My Beer Brand

A co-worker of mine asked me if I thought of a brand name for my home brew.  Wow, good question.  I wanted to label them just so I knew what was in each bottle, but I never thought about branding it (that’s what digital designers who worked for Nike think about.)

So, I had some ideas.  Brett’s Brew.  Gorley’s Grog.  But that’s it.

So, this is a call to everyone in the blogosphere.  What should I name my beer brand?  Mind you, it’s not for sale, it’s just for posterity.

Leave your comments here with your ideas.  I would appreciate it!

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Bottling Beer and Making Oatmeal Stout

Last night my friend Jared came over to show me how to bottle the beer I brewed and also to help me make some oatmeal stout.

Nish with beer bottle

Things went a little weird, as I didn’t know what I was doing and Jared was too tired to think straight. So, I’ll relay the brewing first, then the bottling.

We started with sanitizing stuff (the bucket, the hose, the beer dispenser thingeymajigger, etc.) Then, we got my stock pot, added 2-1/2 gallons of water, and brought it up to a rolling boil. Added the bag-o-malt stuff, then some corn sugar, then the oatmeal and let that brew for a bit around 190 degrees.

Now, of course, brewing beer makes you thirsty for some. And not having any, we went to the store to get some. Jared settled with a Fosters (he likes lagers more than I do), and I got something a bit arrogant…

Arrogant Bastard

Now, once we were done with that we attempted to bring the pot back up to a rolling boil. That’s when we smelled something. We pulled the pot off the stove, scraped the bottom with a spoon, and sure enough some of the oatmeal got a bit scorched. Ugh! I almost panicked, but we took a sample from the pot and tasted it and it wasn’t too bad. Definitely salvageable. We strained the oatmeal out and poured the rest into the bucket. Then I scrubbed the pot and we started with the next part.

Boiling Beer

Opening the can of Coopers Irish Stout malts, we put a touch into the pot with 2-1/2 gallons of water and added some Irish moss (to help the head of the beer.) After 15 minutes, we added the rest of the stout can and boiled for a bit.

We strained that again, adding it to the bucket. Then we topped the bucket off with water, put our air thingeymajigger in the top (I forgot what it’s called), and mission complete! Six gallons of oatmeal stout.

Oatmeal Stout in bucket

Then it was time to bottle my last batch of beer, a nice Belgian style Flemmish Brown ale. Tanisha was there to help as well. We sanitized the beer bottles earlier and proceeded to start filling them with beer.

Brett Bottling Beer

Tanisha did the honors of capping the bottles

Tanisha capping beer bottles

Then we labelled the bottles with some cheezy labels I made (I wanted to keep track of what I brewed and when I bottled it.)

Nish and I labelling bottles

On the whole, it was a fun evening, but a very, very long evening.

Brett learing with bottle

Many thanks to Jared for his expertise, tired as he was, he was a big help!

Jared Brett and Tanisha with beer

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First Batch Fermenting

Just made my first batch of beer last night.  Pitched the yeast right before bed, so just have 6 to 10 days till I can bottle it.

Thanks for the help getting started, Jared.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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