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Bottled the IPA and Belgian Dubbel- Batch 50 and 51

Saturday I bottled my IPA and my Dubbel.  The IPA I named “God is Good IPA”, and of course I’m sticking “Rob’s Belgian Dubbel” for the dubbel.  The IPA final gravity came to 1.022, which doing straight math would give a 6.3% alcohol by volume, but I didn’t do the initial and final before and …

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Brewed an IPA and Rob’s Belgian Dubbel- Batches 50 and 51

Centennial Hops for the IPA

So, last night my friend Rob came over and we brewed two beers.  (Note to self:  Brewing two beers on a Friday night is a bit much- do it on a Saturday next time.) We started with the IPA, thinking it would be the easier of the two recipes.  Here’s the recipe we used (inspired …

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BJ’s Belgian Ale- Batch 45 bottled

Tonight with the help of my friend Rob, I was finally able to bottle my Belgian BJ’s Millennium Ale clone. Final gravity on that bad boy was 1.022, giving me an alcohol content of 9.45%.  Holy guacamole!  If you don’t count the mead, that’s the strongest beer I’ve brewed. I got 46 regular bottles and …

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Belgian Ale- Batch 45

It’s summer.  Have plenty of pale ale, so now time to do something light and tasty.  I’ve been dying to do a Belgian golden/Belgian wit/Belgian whatever with coriander, honey, and other goodies.  So, on that note, I decided it’s time to do a clone recipe of BJ’s Millenium Ale.  But, I decided to change a …

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Batch 10- Flemmish Brown

I purchased two beer kits a while back for making a Belgian style Old Flemmish Brown ale, and got around to brewing it on Sunday.  Made some Belgian candy sugar to add to it, and given that I don’t have a scale yet to measure the amount to put in, I overestimated and put too …

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