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Beer Failures

I’ve brewed 9 batches of beer since I began this brewing adventure back in Christmas, and it has been a learning process. And, as most people will attest to, no learning is complete without some failure. My second batch was my first attempt at oatmeal stout, and despite the fun we had brewing it, we …

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Batch 6 and 7 Made

Just made a traditional bitter (whatever that means) and an IPA.  I totally cheated, used the can-o-extract.  But I want easy to make, quick, drinkable beer.  So those were good options. Also got ingredients for an American hefeweisen.  They had ingredients for a pilsner, which looked surprisingly like the last beer I bottled.  Yummy!

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Batch 4 and 5 bottled

Well, with all the chaos in the house (me being sick last week, the wife having contractions and sending us into the hospital, and my son barfing all night), I was able to get some bottling done in the midst of this. Batch number 5 was the weird b@$tard brew that I made by throwing …

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What To Brew Next?

Friday is payday, and I’m planning on brewing some more beer.  Question is, what should I brew? I’ve been toying with doing an IPA, since I love IPA’s.  I love stouts too.  I like bitters.  I love a good porter (I had a terrible one at the Horse Brass two weeks ago- it was like …

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Bottling Beer and Making Oatmeal Stout

Last night my friend Jared came over to show me how to bottle the beer I brewed and also to help me make some oatmeal stout. Things went a little weird, as I didn’t know what I was doing and Jared was too tired to think straight. So, I’ll relay the brewing first, then the …

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First Batch Fermenting

Just made my first batch of beer last night.  Pitched the yeast right before bed, so just have 6 to 10 days till I can bottle it. Thanks for the help getting started, Jared.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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