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Liberty Pale Ale (batch 44) and bottling Framboise (batch 43)

Saturday (May 21st), I decided to do two things at once: Brew a 10 gallon batch of beer and bottle my wife’s Framboise.  Well, they don’t call be crazy for nothing. I decided to redo my Liberty Pale Ale, since the first time I did it it was so stinking good.  Alas, I didn’t have …

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Framboise Transferred to Secondary- Batch 43

So, in what seemed like an eternity, I finally got around to transferring my lovely wife’s Framboise to a secondary fermenter this last Saturday.  Didn’t take the gravity, which I originally planned on doing, but added the Belgian yeast to it- some good old Wyeast 3278 Belgian Lambic Strain. I’ll plan on letting it sit …

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A New Framboise Attempt- Batch 43

I’ve been wanting to revisit my last Framboise attempt for some time, and with our kitchen being clean I decided now is the time.  So, after some research and some thinking, here’s the recipe I’ve come up with: 7lbs liquid wheat malt extract (I believe Steinbart’s uses a 60/40 barley/wheat ratio) 1lb dry malt extract …

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Tracy’s Framboise- Batch 24 Bottled (Finally!)

Tonight we bottled Tracy’s Framboise that’s been sitting in the fermenter since March 1st.  All that time sitting there had me extremely curious as to how it would turn out, especially since the trub in the fermenter looked nasty. Siphoned the beer into my bottling bucket, then took the final gravity, which came to 1.004.  …

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Bottled Stout and Framboise

Tuesday night I bottled up my oatmeal stout I made.  Let’s just say it starts like a Guiness and finishes with a smoky bitter taste.  I won’t blame anyone if they don’t enjoy it.  I think it will be an OK drink, but not what I was hoping for (my next one will be brewed …

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