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Fresh Hop IPA Bottled- Batch 58

Fresh Hop Ale

Well, finally got around to bottling the fresh hop IPA. I was originally going to rack it to a secondary about a week after brewing, but that didn’t happen.  I still had the hops, so I made a hop tea out of them and added that to my bottling bucket before I transferred the beer. …

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Fresh Hop IPA brewed (batch 58), Peach Beer bottled (batch 57)

Isn't That A Peach?

So, my friend Rob Morrison got a ton of fresh hops from a friend.  Naturally, we had to brew.  So, we did a fresh hop IPA based on my God is Good beer recipe. Here is the modified recipe: 3 gallons water 1 pound 60L Crystal malt 2 pounds 2 row malt 7 pounds pale …

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