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Chocolate Stout and Pumpkin Beer- Batches 47 and 48

Sparging my chocolate stout

Saturday was a big day for me.  Not only did I bottle my Weizen, but I also brewed two batches of beer with help from my friend Rob! So, we started with the Chocolate Stout.  Here is the recipe I followed (based off of Rogue’s Chocolate Stout): 1.5lb two row 7lbs liquid extract .5lbs 120L …

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Holiday Cheer- Batch 39

It’s the holiday season again, and like always I intended to brew this beer several weeks ago, but was prevented from doing so by all the combined forces of the universe.  Brett must not have his way, EVER!!!  It’s a cosmic law. Well, with Tracy being sick today and me being in a vehicle with …

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Unspoken Passion and Holiday Cheer Bottled

Last Friday (12/11) I was finally able to get to bottling my two batches of beer, my Holiday Cheer and my Unspoken Passion Imperial Stout (batches 33 and 34).  I had originally planned on transferring the stout to a secondary to help it settle, but with my time limitations I just went straight to bottling. …

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Holiday Cheer – Batch 33

It’s that time of year again!  Time to make some good holiday beer!  I wanted to start this one sooner, but given I didn’t have any money until recently I couldn’t exactly buy my supplies. For this years batch I did a few things different.  First, I used the actual Saaz finishing hops, as opposed …

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Holiday Cheer! Batch 18 Bottled

Today I bottled my 18th batch of beer, the Holiday Cheer!  Final gravity came out to be 1.012, initial was 1.052, difference of .040.  So, alcohol by volume should be around 5.25%, same as the IPA I brewed. Can’t wait till this matures in the bottle.  Going to be a good one!

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Holiday Cheer- Batch 18

Last night I brewed my first seasonal beer using Papazian’s recipe for something he calls “Holiday Cheer.”  It uses 7lbs of light malt extract, 1/2lb of crystal malt, 2oz of black malt, 1lb of honey, orange peels, fresh ground ginger root, and cinnamon.  It also uses Cascade and Saaz hops, but since I don’t have …

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