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Batch 61 Bottled- VIKING MEAD!!!

What can I say? Freaking MEAD!!! The boys helped me bottle, plus I had a few others join in. Took the final gravity- 1.020. Initial gravity was 1.102. Take the difference, multiply that by 105, then multiply that by 1.25 to get the alcohol by volume. 10.76% alcohol. YES! 10.76% alcohol by volume. And it …

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Batch 62 Bottled- Big Fat Oatmeal Stout

Saturday night I finally got around to bottling my beer. I had help from some of my kids. So, before I could begin I had to clean the kitchen- can’t have an unclean environment when bottling beer! Bottles got bleached, then sanitized as I didn’t know what could have been in my bottles given how …

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Batch 61 and 62- Viking Mead and a Big Fat Oatmeal Stout

I’m sick of not being able to brew beer. So, despite some horrible personal news that should have derailed all my plans, I pushed on and brewed two batches of beer. Well, one batch of beer and a mead that I’ve been meaning to make for over a year. The mead recipe: 15lbs honey, yeast …

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Batch 60 Bottled- The Unspoken Passion

Josiah bottling

  I bottled my beer tonight!  And what a good tasting beer it is!  It turned out different from the last time I made this beer- it’s more tart than before, but once again a mouthful tastes amazing! Final gravity turned out to be 1.020, giving this an alcohol percentage of 9.19%.  Oh, boy!  I …

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It’s been 4 years since I brewed last. Well, technically 3 years. I brewed a cider with my friend Rob, but I don’t count that since it was technically his brew. But last night that all changed!  We got together and brewed a masterpiece: Unspoken Passion Imperial Stout! Liquid sex in a bottle.  Sounds freaking …

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A Trip down Beer Memory Lane

It’s been so long since I brewed I’ve almost forgot how to do it. So, I was reminiscing and found an excel spreadsheet I created- my beer database.  Everything I’ve ever brewed and how I thought about it.  All my successes and failures since 2007. First, how I rate my own beers: Rating Scale 10 …

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East India IPA – Batch 59

IPA's in fermenters

It’s been over a year since I last brewed. Working too much and being too broke will do that. But, my good friend Rob wanted to brew, so we brewed. He wanted to do my IPA recipe, so that’s what we brewed. 10 gallons of IPA sounds pretty good to me! So, we followed the …

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Fresh Hop IPA Bottled- Batch 58

Fresh Hop Ale

Well, finally got around to bottling the fresh hop IPA. I was originally going to rack it to a secondary about a week after brewing, but that didn’t happen.  I still had the hops, so I made a hop tea out of them and added that to my bottling bucket before I transferred the beer. …

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Fresh Hop IPA brewed (batch 58), Peach Beer bottled (batch 57)

Isn't That A Peach?

So, my friend Rob Morrison got a ton of fresh hops from a friend.  Naturally, we had to brew.  So, we did a fresh hop IPA based on my God is Good beer recipe. Here is the modified recipe: 3 gallons water 1 pound 60L Crystal malt 2 pounds 2 row malt 7 pounds pale …

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Hefeweizen – Batch 56 Bottled

So, on Saturday 8/10 I bottled my Hefeweizen, which I also call my Witty Weizenbeir.  Final gravity came out to be 1.014, giving me an alcohol percentage of 5.5%.  Not too shabby. The Hallertauer aroma is wonderful, the beer has a good malt body with a nice show of hop flavor.  Definitely did a good …

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