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Batch 61 Bottled- VIKING MEAD!!!

What can I say? Freaking MEAD!!! The boys helped me bottle, plus I had a few others join in. Took the final gravity- 1.020. Initial gravity was 1.102. Take the difference, multiply that by 105, then multiply that by 1.25 to get the alcohol by volume. 10.76% alcohol. YES! 10.76% alcohol by volume. And it …

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Batch 61 and 62- Viking Mead and a Big Fat Oatmeal Stout

I’m sick of not being able to brew beer. So, despite some horrible personal news that should have derailed all my plans, I pushed on and brewed two batches of beer. Well, one batch of beer and a mead that I’ve been meaning to make for over a year. The mead recipe: 15lbs honey, yeast …

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Ruby Hooker and Liberty Pale Ale Bottled- batch 38 and 44

So, for Father’s day I decided it was about time to bottle my pale ale and my mead.  15 gallons of bottling- no problem, right? So, I began with the mead.  5 gallons sitting in the carboy since December and ready to bottle. I transferred the mead to my bottling bucket and took the final …

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I Threw a Hooker in a Bottle- Ruby Hooker Mead Batch 38

Racked off my Ruby Hooker Mead today. The first thing I noticed when I opened the lid was the smell.  STRONG ALCOHOL SMELLS!  It also had a strong raspberry odor and an almost wine like characteristic.  Transferring the mead went well, and the color on the mead is amazing! There were some floaties that made …

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Ruby Hooker Mead- Batch 38

Oooh, yeah!  Got my hands on 18 lbs of honey and 10lbs of raspberries.  What to do with them?  Why, make mead, of course! The recipe is really simple.  Add honey to 1 gallon of water, boil for 15 minutes while skimming off the white proteins that float to the surface. After 15 minutes kill …

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Mead Bottled- Batch 35

I brewed this batch of mead at the beginning of January, and on today July 3rd I finally bottled it. The first thing I noticed was the aroma.  A definite strong alcohol smell with the wonderful esters of honey.  The yeast looked very strange at the bottom of the carboy, like some undersea silt with …

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Mead – Batch 35

Ok, I’ve been negligent lately on my blog.  So much so that I can’t remember the exact day I brewed by first batch of mead.  I believe it was the 23rd of December, so I’ll go with that. Deciding to brave this journey, I began with a very basic mead recipe.  15 pounds of honey, …

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What To Brew Next?

Friday is payday, and I’m planning on brewing some more beer.  Question is, what should I brew? I’ve been toying with doing an IPA, since I love IPA’s.  I love stouts too.  I like bitters.  I love a good porter (I had a terrible one at the Horse Brass two weeks ago- it was like …

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