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Ruby Hooker and Liberty Pale Ale Bottled- batch 38 and 44

So, for Father’s day I decided it was about time to bottle my pale ale and my mead.  15 gallons of bottling- no problem, right? So, I began with the mead.  5 gallons sitting in the carboy since December and ready to bottle. I transferred the mead to my bottling bucket and took the final …

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Liberty Pale Ale (batch 44) and bottling Framboise (batch 43)

Saturday (May 21st), I decided to do two things at once: Brew a 10 gallon batch of beer and bottle my wife’s Framboise.  Well, they don’t call be crazy for nothing. I decided to redo my Liberty Pale Ale, since the first time I did it it was so stinking good.  Alas, I didn’t have …

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Liberty Pale Ale bottled- Batch 36

Last night (10/13/2010) I finally got around to bottling my Liberty Pale ale.  I had run out of the regular sanitizer solution I use, so I resorted to a Papazian suggestion:  Using bleach and then rinsing with hot water.  Sampling the beer I was glad to not notice any bleach in it (thanks, Charlie!)  I …

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Liberty Pale Ale redux- Batch 36

Friday afternoon I decided I was going to make some beer.  So, I grabbed the kids, threw them in the van and headed off to Steinbarts.  On the way, I began to ponder what beer I would make.  Hmmm….. I was tempted to redo my standard hefeweizen (i.e. my half-a-weizen), but I began to think …

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My Liberty Brews- Bottling Batch 29 and 30

On Tuesday the  18th my brother in law and I bottled up both batch 29 and 30.  Given that both of these recipes used Liberty hops exclusively, I decided (albeit in a hurry and forgetting the names I had previously come up with) to give both beers names keeping with the spirit of liberty. We …

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Pale Ale and a Hefeweizen- Batch 29 and 30

Today had some friends over and we brewed two beers simultaneously.  Been thinking about what to brew for a few days, knowing today was coming, and was having my normal difficulties of deciding.  I knew I wanted a pale ale but didn’t care for the recipes I’ve seen, and I wanted to use my Liberty …

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