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Hefeweizen – Batch 56 Bottled

So, on Saturday 8/10 I bottled my Hefeweizen, which I also call my Witty Weizenbeir.  Final gravity came out to be 1.014, giving me an alcohol percentage of 5.5%.  Not too shabby. The Hallertauer aroma is wonderful, the beer has a good malt body with a nice show of hop flavor.  Definitely did a good …

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Hefeweizen and Peach Hefeweizen – Batch 56 and 57

Hefeweizen in Fermenters

It’s been since October since I’ve brewed.  So, decided to do a hefeweizen.  But I also wanted to do a peach hefeweizen.  Well, why not do both?  So I did. After much contemplation I decided on doing one big 10 gallon batch, and I will put half with peaches in a secondary.  That way I’ll …

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Weizenbeir-Hefeweizen-Wheat whatever- Batch 52

So, a friend of mine asked me if my blog was up to date.  Yes, I said.  He said you haven’t brewed since April.  Yeah, yeah.  My beer supplies are running low, time for a summer beer. I brewed my traditional Half-a-weizen on Sunday.  Simple recipe- 7lbs liquid wheat malt extract. Hop schedule I used …

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My Liberty Brews- Bottling Batch 29 and 30

On Tuesday the  18th my brother in law and I bottled up both batch 29 and 30.  Given that both of these recipes used Liberty hops exclusively, I decided (albeit in a hurry and forgetting the names I had previously come up with) to give both beers names keeping with the spirit of liberty. We …

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Pale Ale and a Hefeweizen- Batch 29 and 30

Today had some friends over and we brewed two beers simultaneously.  Been thinking about what to brew for a few days, knowing today was coming, and was having my normal difficulties of deciding.  I knew I wanted a pale ale but didn’t care for the recipes I’ve seen, and I wanted to use my Liberty …

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What The Heck Did I Just Brew?

Last night I bottled up my so called “American Style” hefeweizen. It had been fermenting for 14 days by the time I had bottled it. And, by fermenting for 14 days, I don’t mean it was just sitting there for 14 days waiting to be bottled. I mean it was actively fermenting for 14 days. …

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Batch 4 and 5 bottled

Well, with all the chaos in the house (me being sick last week, the wife having contractions and sending us into the hospital, and my son barfing all night), I was able to get some bottling done in the midst of this. Batch number 5 was the weird b@$tard brew that I made by throwing …

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