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Bottled Batch 13

Bottled up the batch of beer I made with the wild hops I received for free.  Sampling it, it had a real mild floral aroma and a light amount of bitterness, which I expected.  The malt finish on it was nice.  It’s going to be a much better beer than I first thought. Final gravity …

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Batch 12- 6 Months in the Making

Not really 6 months in the making, it’s just been that long since I’ve brewed. I’m dead broke.  So, one day a friend approaches me with an offer:  He’ll buy the ingredients, I brew the beer, he takes a portion as payoff for his investment.  Sounds good to me! So, I scoured my Joy of …

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Batch 11 Follow Up

Forgot to post about the results of my batch 11 brew, good old Papazian’s Humpty Dumpty English Bitter.  As I suspected, the alcohol content is weak (about 1%), there is a lack of maltiness in the finish that I love.  But, the hops have a beautiful aroma and a great start.  During the hot weather …

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Batch 11 Ready to Bottle

Saturday I brewed what I affectionately called “The $10 beer.”  Papazian has a recipe called “Humpty Dumpty’s Original Bitter” which I was able to buy ingredients for for around $10.  To help me out, my brother in law Jeremy met me at my in-laws house where we did our brewing. The recipe calls for 6lbs …

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