First Batch Fermenting

Just made my first batch of beer last night.  Pitched the yeast right before bed, so just have 6 to 10 days till I can bottle it.

Thanks for the help getting started, Jared.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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  1. Brett,

    I hope your first batch turns out great. I also home brew. I started brewing with my first kit the day after Christmas 2006. I have made three batches since with only one not so good. I used to much sugar in the bottle and the batch had too much carbonation.

    What is your favorite kind of beer?

  2. Favorite beer? That’s a tough one. I love lots of different types of beers. Cold weather, Black Butte Porter or a nice stout. Hot weather, a hefeweisen or Alaska Amber or a nice IPA. Recently I’ve done Rogues Brutal Bitter and the Arrogant Bastard, both are very good.

    As far as the brewing, I have a friend helping me. My first one is a Belgian, Old Flemmish Brown. It’s busy fermenting right now, so we’ll see.
    My next one will be an Irish Stout, but I really want an oatmeal stout, so my friend is gonna help me turn it into an oatmeal stout.
    Then, I’m going to make some Framboise for my wife, after the baby is born.

  3. Good luck with brewing! It is a lot of fun and with some work you can make a decent beer. Hope you’re first batch it tasty!

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