My Beer Batch Numbering Screw-up

Screw Up

Screw Up

As those of you who follow this know, I number each batch of beer I do.  Currently I’m up to batch 40.  Well, after making a little spreadsheet of all the beers I’ve brewed, I realized I screwed up in my numbering.

My Lucky Stout I did last year was batch 36.  My next batch was my Liberty Pale Ale, which was batch 36.

See the problem here?

Well, I don’t feel like editing all my blog entries, so I’ll just start my next beer out as batch #42, as my Oatmeal Stout should have been #41.  That will fix it from this point on.


Side Note:

Oh, also going to start reducing the gluten in my beers considerably, thanks to White Labs Clarity-Ferm, which contains Brewers Clarex, an agent that reduces the proteins in beer.  Its intent is for clearer beer and no chill haze, but removing the proteins also removes the gluten.  Papazian sent a batch of his homebrew off to be tested after using it and it came back with a gluten level of less than 5 parts per million.  Will start using this so my friends who are gluten intolerant can hopefully enjoy some of my beer.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you’ll be making your beers gluten free. The FDA considers foodstuffs that have 20 parts per million or 0.002% to be gluten free. You make some tasty beer. And ff you start making it gluten free, you could find a profitable niche. After all, there is only so much Sorghum beer a person can drink.

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