Hefeweizen and Peach Hefeweizen – Batch 56 and 57

It’s been since October since I’ve brewed.  So, decided to do a hefeweizen.  But I also wanted to do a peach hefeweizen.  Well, why not do both?  So I did.

After much contemplation I decided on doing one big 10 gallon batch, and I will put half with peaches in a secondary.  That way I’ll have 1/2 regular hefeweizen (for those people who think fruit in their beer is effeminate), and 1/2 will be a peach hefeweizen.  Good plan!


14 lbs Briess Bavarian Wheat Malt Extract
3 oz Hallertauer hops (1.5oz bittering, 1oz with 15 minutes left for flavor, 1/2oz for aroma)2 packets Safbrew WB-06- Wheat Beer Yeast
6 lbs Peach Puree (for secondary)

Brought 5 gallons of water to a boil and added the liquid malt extract.  Once it reboiled added the 1.5oz of hops.

Hallertauer Hops in wort

Hallertauer Hops in wheat malt wort

Waited 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Then added 1oz more of hops.  Waited 10 minutes, then added the rest of my hops.

Strained out the hops and transferred it to my two fermenters, then topped both of them off to 5 gallons.

Hefeweizen in Fermenters

Hefeweizen in Fermenters

Tomorrow I pitch the yeast.  In a week I’ll transfer one to a secondary with my peaches, which I cheated with and bought peach puree.

6 Lbs Peach Puree

6 Lbs Peach Puree


Edit: took gravity today, my smaller bucket had an initial gravity of 1.056, the bigger bucket was 1.050. I’m wondering if I added more water in the larger bucket.

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