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Batch 11 Ready to Bottle

Saturday I brewed what I affectionately called “The $10 beer.”  Papazian has a recipe called “Humpty Dumpty’s Original Bitter” which I was able to buy ingredients for for around $10.  To help me out, my brother in law Jeremy met me at my in-laws house where we did our brewing. The recipe calls for 6lbs …

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Batch 6 and 7 Made

Just made a traditional bitter (whatever that means) and an IPA.  I totally cheated, used the can-o-extract.  But I want easy to make, quick, drinkable beer.  So those were good options. Also got ingredients for an American hefeweisen.  They had ingredients for a pilsner, which looked surprisingly like the last beer I bottled.  Yummy!

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What To Brew Next?

Friday is payday, and I’m planning on brewing some more beer.  Question is, what should I brew? I’ve been toying with doing an IPA, since I love IPA’s.  I love stouts too.  I like bitters.  I love a good porter (I had a terrible one at the Horse Brass two weeks ago- it was like …

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