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East India IPA – Batch 59

IPA's in fermenters

It’s been over a year since I last brewed. Working too much and being too broke will do that. But, my good friend Rob wanted to brew, so we brewed. He wanted to do my IPA recipe, so that’s what we brewed. 10 gallons of IPA sounds pretty good to me! So, we followed the …

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Fresh Hop IPA Bottled- Batch 58

Fresh Hop Ale

Well, finally got around to bottling the fresh hop IPA. I was originally going to rack it to a secondary about a week after brewing, but that didn’t happen.  I still had the hops, so I made a hop tea out of them and added that to my bottling bucket before I transferred the beer. …

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Fresh Hop IPA brewed (batch 58), Peach Beer bottled (batch 57)

Isn't That A Peach?

So, my friend Rob Morrison got a ton of fresh hops from a friend.  Naturally, we had to brew.  So, we did a fresh hop IPA based on my God is Good beer recipe. Here is the modified recipe: 3 gallons water 1 pound 60L Crystal malt 2 pounds 2 row malt 7 pounds pale …

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IPA and Pumpkin ale bottled- Batch 53 and 54

Bottled my IPA and Pumpkin ale tonight. IPA final gravity was 1.014, and the Pumpkin final was 1.018, giving  me an alcohol percentage of 6.56 for the IPA and 8.75 for the  Pumpkin. You  know, I don’t really trust my alcohol readings anymore.   Why is this so different from my others? Oh, well. They …

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IPA and Pumpkin Ale- Batch 53 and 54

Pumpkin in my lauder tun

Gearing up for a beer tasting event next month, and my beer is the one going to be on the spot.  So, for the first two beers I’m making an IPA and a Pumpkin ale.  Here are the recipes. God Is Good IPA Preboil tea 3-1/2 gallons (17 L) water 1 pound 60L Crystal malt …

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Bottled the IPA and Belgian Dubbel- Batch 50 and 51

Saturday I bottled my IPA and my Dubbel.  The IPA I named “God is Good IPA”, and of course I’m sticking “Rob’s Belgian Dubbel” for the dubbel.  The IPA final gravity came to 1.022, which doing straight math would give a 6.3% alcohol by volume, but I didn’t do the initial and final before and …

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IPA- Batch 50

Last night I added 1/2 pound of brown sugar to my IPA.  Boiled it with 2 cups of water, then waited a bit for it to cool off.  After adding it I noticed the activity pick up on it.  Next step will be dry hopping it.

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Brewed an IPA and Rob’s Belgian Dubbel- Batches 50 and 51

Centennial Hops for the IPA

So, last night my friend Rob came over and we brewed two beers.  (Note to self:  Brewing two beers on a Friday night is a bit much- do it on a Saturday next time.) We started with the IPA, thinking it would be the easier of the two recipes.  Here’s the recipe we used (inspired …

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East India IPA- Batch 42

Friday I made a batch of my East India IPA.  I redid the recipe from last time, with only two differences.  As I was getting my ingredients, Steinbarts ran out of the 120L crystal malt.  So, I used 1/4lb of the 120L crystal and 1/4lb 80L crystal.  I also had access to some loose leaf …

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East India IPA- Batch 27 Bottled

I finally had time to bottle my IPA I made two weeks ago.  Let’s just say that my sample of this tasted as good if not better than most commercial IPA’s I’ve tried.  It was darn good. Final gravity turned out to be 1.012, giving me a 7.09% alcohol by volume.  The bitterness from the …

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