BJ’s Belgian Ale- Batch 45 bottled

BJ's Belgian Ale

BJ's Belgian Ale

Tonight with the help of my friend Rob, I was finally able to bottle my Belgian BJ’s Millennium Ale clone.

Final gravity on that bad boy was 1.022, giving me an alcohol content of 9.45%.  Holy guacamole!  If you don’t count the mead, that’s the strongest beer I’ve brewed.

I got 46 regular bottles and two 22oz bottles out of it.  Rob took 4 home.  The taste was wild.  You definitely get the ginger and the orange from the aroma, and the hint of honey in the taste offsets the bitters from the orange peel and the hops.  It’s nice and strong, light with a good thick body.  Can’t wait till it’s done carbonating.

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